Books on how to guard against
common garden enemies.
Gardening With The Enemy - A Guide To Rabbit-Proof Gardening by Janet Thomson (ISBN 0 9530013 0 X) addresses the problem of unwanted rabbits in the garden.
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Having treated the long-eared visitors to her garden with a feast of surprise menus, Janet noticed which plants survived and which perished.

The results of her experiments are combined with advice from experts to give a list of 81 plants each given a 'rabbit-proof' star rating.

Beginning with a history of the rabbit, Gardening with the Enemy shows how to plan a garden which rabbits can wander through leaving your precious plants undamaged.
81 'rabbit-proof' plants are described in detail and plants which rabbits love are also listed. Illustrated with amusing cartoons and literary extracts, the book also looks at a dozen further options for protecting plants. The pros and cons of age-old solutions such as fences and creosote-soaked string as well as modern options such as ultrasound are discussed.

New fifth edition includes supplementary list of a further 51 rabbit-proof plants suggested by readers of Gardening with the Enemy.

While folk-lore would have us believe rabbits eat anything green, anyone who has seen a beautiful country garden suspects there must be a way to outwit the rabbit. The answer appears to lie in the non-combative approach. The rabbit is here to stay so our job is simple: enjoy the garden; enjoy the rabbit.

Don't fight the enemy

Don't kill the enemy

Garden WITH the enemy!

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